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Thread: "Playing with your food" ....

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    Talking "Playing with your food" ....

    My LO has learned that he can blow rasberries (i always called them tummy blows) on my boob while he eats. The other day he sneezed and the outcome was he learned that if he buries his face in my boob and blows the outcome is a farty noise....he thinks it is HILARIOUS and only stops long enough to laugh at how funny he is....

    It is so cute to see their little personalities take shape. I'm so glad we are still nursing because I am sure I will remember this for quite a while. Even my hubby chuckles as he watches him play.

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    Default Re: "Playing with your food" ....

    LOL l love this--my son does it too

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    Default Re: "Playing with your food" ....

    That is too cute!!
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    mine does this too,although she hasn't done it lately!!

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    Oh that is so funny and sweet. I love it!

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    DS does that, he also blows them on my arms, face, stomach, where ever he can

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    Too cute!
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    My Son likes to "play" with his food as well. The raspberries, and the fart noises are a riot! When he tries to take my nip with him is when the fun stops. He's got the pincer grasp down pat!

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    I know that my 1 year old DS knows that biting is a bad thing because he will look up at me and grin and then very gently and lightly bite on my nipple. I will say don't bite and he will grin even bigger. that stinker!

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