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Thread: Need a bit of TLC

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    Default Need a bit of TLC

    Hi all.

    It's been ages since I have been on this forum! I've missed you all.

    Okay, so LO turns 2 years old this month - can't believe I have made it this far.

    Okay, so, we are still pumping once a day (get about 10oz) which he drinks during the day along with tea, juice and water. He also breastfeeds on waking in the morning, bedtime and if he wakes during the night. Obviously he's eating solids (3 meals a day) plus plenty of snacks and fruits.

    My question is, how long should I continue to pump for? We are reintroducing dairy (slowly) so far so good. Should I just keep upping the dairy slowly and replace his breastmilk during the day? I feel guilty not wanting to pump anymore - I feel like I am giving him the best milk there is by pumping and nothing comes close to it. He will be starting creche in January and am worrying that if he's no longer drinking BM so much he will get sick? Am I just beating myself up for nothing. What do you guys think I should do. He's still just a scrap of a boy only weighs 9Kg's.

    Anybody else still have their 2 year old wake a couple of times a night - or am I the only one left waiting for him to sleep through

    Thanks for listening - looking forward to your feedback

    Mother to Zayne 19/8/06 2.56kg

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    Default Re: Need a bit of TLC

    oh yea of my 4 kids only one was sleeping all night at 2...

    If you don't feal like pumping anymore that's ok. IT sounds like hes nursing more then 3-4 times in 24 hours.
    Could you add another feed someplace during the day so you can quit pumping?
    Like while watching tv at night before bed or something.

    my dd went at least a year with just nursing to go to sleep at night.
    at that point she wasn't drinking alot of cows milk but she does eat cheese and yougart.

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    Default Re: Need a bit of TLC

    My dd still nurses at night. Lately it was only like 1 time during the night (a lot still during the day), but last week she got swimmers ear, so she was waking a lot more at night to nurse. She is gonna be 2 in September, so your not alone!! She shows no signs of stopping day or night in the near future,lol!!
    i think andrea is right on her advice

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