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Thread: how common is early self-weaning?

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    Default how common is early self-weaning?

    My LO is 8 mos and breastfeeding is going well. However, he doesn't seem to love nursing. Usually only nurses just to eat and rarely ever comfort nurses. He gets really upset if I offer it to him thinking he wants it but doesn't. So I'm wondering if this means he might try to self-wean early, like around 12 months. I am wanting to BF him for as long as he wants and I really don't want him to wean before 18 months!

    How common is it for LO's to want to stop nursing relatively early? Did anyone else have an LO who weaned "early?"

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    Default Re: how common is early self-weaning?

    I think that self weaning before a year is very rare. I do know that their interest in nursing does vary a lot. A baby or toddler who wants to nurse 3-4 times a day hits a growth spurt, or teething molars, or some big new thing and then starts nursing like a newborn!

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