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Thread: Weaned 1.5 months ago, nipple discharge?

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    Default Weaned 1.5 months ago, nipple discharge?

    I stopped nursing my DS on his first birthday...after MONTHS of absolutely FIGHTING him to keep nursing...and finally gave in.

    That was on June 23rd. Now, August 2nd, I noticed yellow (mustard) colored "discharge" coming out of my nipples. Not a lot. Just a bit and if I squeezed, a little would come out.

    Is this normal? Am I pregnant?
    DS born 06/23/07. Mommy is dairy/soy free.

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    Default Re: Weaned 1.5 months ago, nipple discharge?

    Since it's not milk I would see your doctor about it - usually it's not anything serious but it's better to get it checked out.
    It's very common to be able to extract milk for some weeks/months/years after weaning. Usually the longer you nursed the longer you can express a tiny bit of milk. If you were pregnant, in the second or third trimester you might express colostrum, which is usually pretty clear and a bit sticky.
    There's some more info at this link, although I don't see anything about a yellow/mustard colored discharge. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/galactorrhea.html
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