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Thread: Where's all the pumpin momma's

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    Default Where's all the pumpin momma's

    During the weekend it seems theres no one here.
    I feel like maybe just the only one who is always home, never gets to go anywhere but the store and church.

    I guess i need to get out more but i hate to leave my children, it that weird?
    I guess i am just afraid to put my feelings out there and make new friends because i have been hurt too many times. Man people can be brutal.

    How does a SAHM and a EPM make friends?
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    Default Re: Where's all the pumpin momma's

    Aww sweets. I don't pump anymore but I feel ya. Just as hard to find anyone around here who nurses past 6 months.
    to you.

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    Default Re: Where's all the pumpin momma's

    Hi, Kristina! I'm lurking lately, not having much to add since I'm weaning off my pump on my way back to work. I guess I feel kind of hypocritical posting knowing that my time on the pump is limited.

    I don't know what to tell you about the friend part. When I considered the question to stay at home or return to work that was one of my concerns. It can be very isolating being a SAHM and even more so if there's a pump schedule to keep. These last four months have been rough on me in that way, especially since the summer break is usually friend-packed for me, so I can't imagine how much more difficult that would be for a long-term adjustment.

    Since I'm a total mom rookie, I don't know all the social groups that exist, but is there a Mommy and Me group or something like that? Maybe something through the local parks and rec that you could do to meet other SAHMs? Other mommies sound ideal for you, especially if you want to keep your kids with you. You need a like soul for that. Local LLL meetings maybe?

    Mom to Anna, March 28, 2008

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