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Thread: Breastfeeding from a bottle?

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    Default Breastfeeding from a bottle?

    If I was unable to breastfeed for about 6 hours, how much I pump in advance to make sure our little guy doesn't go hungry during that time? How much should he eat each feeding (probably about 3 feedings)? Our baby will be about 2.5 weeks old when we would need to feed breastmilk by bottle.

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    Would you really, really have to leave him for that long? Couldn't you take him with you?

    Has he ever had a bottle? 2.5 weeks is pretty young to introduce a bottle if you don't need to, it can cause some nipple confusion as drinking from a bottle is completely different than drinking from a breast. It may also cause nipple preference as he may feel it is easier getting milk from a bottle and end up preferring it that way.

    If you can't bring him, most people seem to put aside 2-3 oz bottles. If he finishes one and needs more he can always have another, but if you do an 8 oz and he only drinks 3, it's kind of a waste.

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    The Dr. told me approx. 1 ounce per hour. So if you are going to be gone 6 hours, probably 2 feedings of 3.5 ounces. Try to feed DS right before you leave so you won't have to do 2 feedings. Search on the internet for INFANT FEEDING GUIDE so you can see for yourself what the children's hospitals recommend. Good Luck

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    Hi There!

    I'm sorry you'll have to be away from your brand-new baby for such a long time. Is there any way you could bring him with you or maybe have him brought TO you for a nursing session? Some mothers will hire a caregiver or bring a family member to care for the baby nearby so they can meet up and nurse the baby.

    As for how much to pump--that varies baby-to-baby. Many mothers find it helpful to freeze their milk in 1 oz increments. This amount will thaw pretty quickly in warm water. This helps to reduce wasting. What is not thawed is still frozen and available for another time, and if any is wasted it's less than 1 oz.

    Hope that helps!
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