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Thread: how long to pump?

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    i will be returning to work very soon and am wondering how long i should pump. i used to pump for 15 minutes. but my lo only nurses for 4-5 minutes at a time and i'm wondering if that's a sufficient time to pump for. i don't think he empties my breast. i don't want to pump for too long and build up my suppy because i'm looking to wean at 1 year. he's 8 months old now and eats once breast per side. he also eats solids 2-3 x a day.

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    Most babies can empty a breast more efficently than a pump, so you may need to go longer than 5 minutes on the pump. You might try just pumping until you get what you need for his bottle and then stopping. That way, you're not building a supply by overpumping.
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    I EP for DD who is 9 mo. I pump 6X a day for 15 min. each. Supply is perfect for her with a little surplus (she BF in the beginning and established my supply)
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    It depends on your pump. With my Lansinoh double electric I get both letdowns in less than 10 min. but when I was using the Medela Swing it took be about 15-20 min. to get two let downs. I usually only get 2 let downs per boob when I pump and then I'm done.
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