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Thread: Split nipples at 2 years

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    Default Split nipples at 2 years

    My little one is 2.4 years and I've had one problem with thrush in the past but this is not it now.
    I've got a split under both nipples and have not been feeding off left side for about a 2 months.
    Its so sore that I can't feed now (today) we are down to three to four feeds a day very short ones at that.
    I'm worried that my left side has not healed up and just seems to weep all the time.

    My questions are if anyone would like to suggest.
    Am I split because I've droped in milk supply and she is pulling so hard? It doesn't seem like it.
    Is it teeth?
    My skin too thin? While I had thrush I felt like all my "tough" skin from breastfeeding for so long came off.

    I am worried that this might be an on going problem and do not want to have problems like this when we have a new born and can't feed

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    Default Re: Split nipples at 2 years

    Hi mama!

    Since you've been battling thrush for so long, and that can really take a drain on your "good bacteria" fighting the yeast it's possible you might have an infection that is not healing.

    I'd definitely talk to your doctor/LC about it, here's a link that has some tips on healing as well. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...lehealing.html
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