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Thread: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

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    Default tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    Hi everyone-

    In my last post someone asked if my baby has been evaluated for tongue-tied? My mother-in-law said he was almost immediately after seeing him open his mouth. Apparently my husband was too and she had the family doctor "clip" his tongue??? OUCH! What do you do for babies who are tongue-tied...could this be causing me pain while he eats?? He was born at 8-14 and I'm sure if well over 9 now and VERY strong...which makes his gums very strong and I notice him chomping down and slurping the nipple in...any thoughts??? Anyone have experience with a tongue-tied baby?

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    Default Re: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    My son was tongue tied and his frenulum was clipped at 8 weeks. I would have done it sooner had I known what the problem was. As it was it was a very simple procedure and he nursed right after it was done. It is such a thin piece of tissue to cut, it hardly even bleeds.

    I highly recommend you find someone to clip it for you. Tongue tie can intefere with nursing, speech development and dental health (imagine not being able to clean food off the front of your teeth with your tongue).

    That being said it isn't always easy to find a ped who will clip it. It used to be a no brainer that could be done at a well baby check with no problems. My sister had hers cut by her ped with a pair of scissors in about 2 seconds. Nowadays most peds want to refer to an ENT. If you have a hard time with your ped ask your dentist. A lot of dentists will do the procedure.

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    Default Re: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    My ds2 was tongue tied. It did affect his nursing. He had a very hard time latching on especially early on when I would become easily engorged. The ped noticed it but never mentioned clipping it. I didn't know better. Anyway, it ended up tearing on its own at around 6- 8 weeks. Nursing definitely became easier but he has always had a shallow latch.
    If my next one is tongue tied I would definitely insist on having it taken care of immediately. I know in retrospect it made our nursing relationship harder earlier on than it needed to be.
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    Default Re: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    Both of my sons were tongue-tied and we clipped them - for my first son, I was hysterical and began crying just thinking about doing that to my little guy - I cried when they did it, we nursed right after and he was fine. I know the idea of it sounds horrible, but I didn't even hesitate with my second. I knew that doing it would be best for him and our nursing. I would talk to your pedi about it.(We did have to go to an ENT the first time - but the second time the on-call pedi in the hospital did it while we were still there after his birth.)
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    Default Re: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    My son just had the procedure done at 14 months. I highly encourage you to speak to your pedi about this ASAP. If you wait too long it becomes an ordeal and then you will have to deal with possibly having your child go under general anesthesia for the 2 second clip. (that's what happened to us!)

    It's interesting because some pedis will do the procedure, and others make a big deal out of it and tell you to wait. You will have to decide for yourself if it's in the best interest of your child.

    In our experience, breastfeeding a tongue tie baby caused major problems nursing.... then we discovered he was unable to swallow solid foods so the problem became a huge issue as he got older. Also speech issues, hygiene... they can't clean out their teeth w/ tongue or lick an ice cream cone being tongue tied.

    For us it was something we REALLY wanted to have done and I am so beyond annoyed that we didn't realize he was tongue tied at birth and have it clipped right away. The procedure is soooo simple and we saw automatic results. He went from gagging on all foods and spitting them out, to eating everything we put in front of him.

    Anyways, that's our personal experience. Good luck!

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    Default Re: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    My nephew had a tongue tie that was diagnosed directly after birth. It turns out that my brother in law has the same thing and it was never diagnosed. You would think my sister might have noticed. Our lactation consultant at the hospital had us all stick out our tongues for a little hands on education and I almost fell over when his did not come out of his mouth. The pp have given you wonderful information. The only thing I can add is that this is a two second procedure with very minimim risk and great rewards. I wish you both well.

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    Default Re: tongue-tied infants and nursing??

    Here's an excellent article on the subject. http://www.aap.org/breastfeeding/8-27%20newsletter.pdf We went through quite the ordeal before DS got his clipped (pedi wanted us to wait, first ENT only does them under general anesthetic, and second ENT took a while to get into), but the actual procedure wasn't a big deal. It was done with local anesthetic at 9 weeks and by three weeks later, DS was consistently nursing better and I wasn't in pain all the time. Babies with tongue tie tend to chomp instead of suck when nursing which causes pain for mom. The lack of sucking action can also impact milk supply as they get older.
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