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    I'm constantly worried my 3 month old is not getting enough to eat or will get dehydrated. He normally has plenty of wet diapers, 5-6 a day, but last night he slept almost 8 hours and his diaper was barely wet. They've been very wet each time I've changed him since then. Also, I've read that when a baby cries but does not produce tears, that can mean they're dehydrated. My baby rarely produces tears. He never cries for long, but when he does he just gets puffy and red around the eyes. Should I be concerned?
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    im in the same boat with ya especially in these hot summer months, im constantly concerned that ds is not getting enough fluids, i would just keep a good count on his diapers, i dont think that the fact that he doesent have tears is couse for concern, i know both my kids didnt produce tears for a while after they were born. hopefully someone else can help give you more reassurance!! sorry im no help!

    not to nijack the thread but does anyone know if its normal for a baby to sweat and then have less wet diapers?? sometimes ds only has like 4 wet diapers but dh tells me not to worry about it cuz hes sweating it out instead of peeing it out
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    If you are exclusively breastfeeding, you need not worry even in hot weather. YOU need to stay hydrated because your body will allow YOU to become dehydrated before the baby. But Your breastmilk adjusts with weather. When it's hotter, you get more foremilk so your child stay hydrated. Don't worry. Just make sure YOU are staying ice and hydrated.

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