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Thread: Weaning from Pump first

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    Default Weaning from Pump first

    Today is the day I'm going to attempt weaning from the pump. DS has now officially outgrown his cow's milk protein intolerance per the pedi and I'm ready to quit pumping. I want to keep nursing a little longer... I'm going for a gradual wean and hopefully one that is ultimately DS's idea. Although at 19 months he doesn't seem to want to give it up any time soon. We're still night nursing... .

    So here are a few questions:

    1)If I'm currently pumping twice a day at work is it best to cut the afternoon pump first b/c my milk is less in the afternoon?
    2) How many days should I wait between cutting afternoon pumping AND morning pumping?
    3) If I drop my pumping, will my milk dry up entirely? I'm hoping that as my supply drops DS will self-wean. He's beginning to take more cow's milk in his sippy cup but he obviously still prefers BM. Sometimes he will not even take a sip of cow's milk.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Default Re: Weaning from Pump first

    A previous thread on pump weaning. It includes links to resources like LLLI articles and Kellymom info.


    I pump weaned when DS was 16 mo. He just turned 2 and is nursing without stop.
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    Default Re: Weaning from Pump first

    1. If you want to cut the number or pumping sessions then yes, cut out the one where you get less milk, that wil make you more comfortable than waiting all day and possibly becoming engorged by pm pumping.
    2. I would suggest you slowly decrease the amount you are pumping in the morning. Say you are getting 6 oz in the am, do 5 one day, 4 the next, etc. Listen to your body to stay comforable, aka you may have to pump a little before going home, if you are feeling really engorged before pm nursing session.
    3. If you cut down slowly, your body should adjust and make only what ds is drinking at nursing sessions.

    Good luck!

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