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Thread: Out and about with purees

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    Default Out and about with purees

    My LO is 6.5 mo and we've started him on solids. We're doing purees for a while and then going to try BLS. I've been making my own purees but am curious about using them out and about. So far we've only been feeding purees at dinner because we're generally home for dinner. If I want to give him purees while out what's the best way to transport them? We would only be out for a few hours at a time - probably leaving home around 9:00 and returning in time for nap around 1:00 in the afternoon. Can I just pop a frozen cube of food into a container and feed it for lunch or do I need to put the food in a cooler bag to keep it cold?

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    treat his food the same way that you would treat your food.
    hot foods stay hot
    cold foods stay cold.

    I normal took some sort of dry snack for when we were out and about. or a bannana you can just scrape that with a spoon and be done.
    You can use a thermos jar

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    I would defrost my purees at room temp at home so I would do that then pop it in some tupperware. I've also been known to throw a whole avacado in my bag.

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    i usually defrost at room temp then put it in an insulated bag. it does take some planning. if you did have to take a frozen cube with you, you could put it in a mesh feeder, a little messy on the run though...

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    I bought a bunch of those tiny glad tuperware things for that. I agree with Andrea that bananas are great for out and about. Also when they can just chew soft food (which is usually around 7MO) you can just bring along finger foods. I usually bring a jar of store-bought baby food when I'm out though. It's just easier for me.

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