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Thread: pumping - am I doing this right?

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    Default pumping - am I doing this right?

    So I was under the impression that the more often you nurse and pump, the more milk you'll produce. That doesn't seem to be happening for me.

    My daughter (almost 4 mo) is on a 3.5 hr schedule and eats 5 times a day, and sleeps 10 hours at night. Dr says she's doing great - 90th percentile!

    This is how our schedule goes right now (and we've been doing this for 2 weeks):
    first feeding, followed by pumping because she doesn't empty me in the AM
    pump again 1.5 hours later
    then I alternate feedings with pumping the rest of the day finally pumping one last time right after she goes to bed.
    BUT, starting with her 3rd feeding I have to supplement with some of what I've pumped during the day because I begin to run out, then I finally have to give her formula because at her last feeding I've got almost nothing left and we've gone through what I've pumped. I'm not able to store anything!

    I THOUGHT that after a few days, a week maybe, I'd be able to feed her and store milk for when we go out of town. Not so much!

    I re-read some articles and this is what I'm going to do starting tomorrow:
    feed, pump right after, pump 1.5 hours later, simply breastfeed the rest of the day and pump at the end of the day after she goes to bed.
    My HOPE is I won't have to supplement at all during the day again and I will be able to store some milk and I won't have to feed her formula.

    Does this sound like a good plan? Will it work?

    I'm so frustrated right now I can't even think straight about this anymore. I'm so jealous of a friend of mine who was able to store like 10 bags of milk! A friend of hers stored 60 bags! How the heck do people do this? I just don't get it.

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    Default Re: pumping - am I doing this right?

    i think your new plan sounds good, a baby will suck on a bottle even if they aren't really hungry so try to keep baby at your breast all day, i think you should just pump after the first feeding, and then after she goes to sleep, feed the rest of the day directly from the breast and don't worry that you don't have enough, as long as the wet and dirty diapers are there she is getting plenty, if she needs more her sucking is the best method to get that to happen...much better than pumping...

    sorry :NAK i'm sure other moms will be along with more detailed advice...
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    Default Re: pumping - am I doing this right?

    I agree, the best way to do it is pump after baby nurses then goes to sleep, then try to keep baby at your breast as much as possible during the day. It might take you longer to build up a store of milk, but having baby directly at your breast instead of the pump is a MUCH better way to build your supply.

    Good luck, mama
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