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Thread: How do you know when supply is low?

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    Question How do you know when supply is low?

    I feel so naieve - but how does everyone know when their supply is low? My ds is 7 1/2 months old and still nurses almost as frequently as he did as a three month old. - well, that's not entirely true - he doesn't while I am at work, but makes up for lost time in the evenings and all night long.

    I ask because I just don't have that "full" feeling anymore, and don't get that surge/spasm sensation when it's time for him to nurse. Also, it seems as if everyone else seems to just "know" and I am just hangin' in here hoping for the best, when maybe he is just nursing for comfort and I don't know it.

    I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what I get when I pump because it is always inconsistent - I hate that thing to this day! - but I do it almost every day trying to make it to one year. I have the Madela double-electric top-of the-line-don't-know-the-name-one. - Spent the bucks for it (hope that helps to describe it) one.

    Please edjamakate me! (educate )
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    Default Re: How do you know when supply is low?

    Hi Dianna,
    How has your son been gaining weight? What is his output like?
    Many mothers say they don't feel "full" anymore after several months. The same with the feeling of the letdown. How much and how long you feel the letdown is highly variable. Breast storage capacity can vary also, which may be why some babies nurse more frequently than others. But storage capacity is not related to overall milk production.
    What's a typical day like for you? I just noticed you mentioned he tries to "make up for lost time" in the evening and at night. Maybe he's doing a bit of reverse cycle feeding (described a bit here)?


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    Default Re: How do you know when supply is low?

    Weight gain is still about an ounce a day, and diapers are still fairly consistent. I think he most certainly is a reverse cycler! Sometimes he will only have one bottle while I am at work. He will take my dh to his high chair at least two times for cereal in the morning and avacado at lunch. Then at night all he wants is me, sometimes ALL NIGHT!

    Can you tell me more about storage capacity?

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