I have had a few people suggest soy or hypoallergenic formula, but I am just not ready to stop nursing her. I don't think they understand that. (I also don't want to start paying for expensive formula.) I am elinimating dairy right now and have been for 6 days. I saw blood in her diaper again yesterday, but she hadn't gone in almost 48 hours, so maybe that caused the blood???

So I'm going to continue on a no dairy diet and am thinking maybe I'll eliminate soy too. My sister said she read in a parenting magazine that a child that is allergic to dairy is usually allergic to soy also. I am also suspicous of a tomato allergy. I have always suspected that she was sensitive to tomatoes. From the very beginning, whenever I had spaghetti sauce she would be cranky, and her father seems to be sentive to his mother's homemade tomatoe sauce.... Maybe it's a stretch.... I don't know. I do know that as long as she's a happy baby, I'll go on nursing!