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    I have a 2 week old and was planning on getting the IUD Mirena in about 4 weeks until my OB told me that it might interfere with my milk supply. But every where else that I have read says that it will not...Is there anybody that has any advice or is using the IUD that could help me? I dont want to be on the pill and my husband frowns at the idea of using barrier methods. Thanks to any that helps!!

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    I have the Mirena (love it!) and I am like a milk cow - no interfering with supply here! I just pumped 6 ounces!

    good luck!
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    I don't have Mirena myself, but from what I've read, some women using it have problems with milk supply and some don't. There's no way to know which camp you'll fall into without trying the thing out. There is, however, an alternative to Mirena which is not a barrier method: a non-hormonal IUD. I believe the brand name is Paragaurd.

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    I have the Mirena as well and have not had any milk supply issues. I specifically asked my dr about this and she reassured me it should not intefere with breastfeeding. So far, I think it's great!

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    Had the Mirena and it did affect my suppy but not in a negative way. I actually had an increase in milk. However I ended up taking it out due to my body rejecting it. My DR said that happens every once in a while. Wish I could have keep it because it was great in many ways. Not having a period after 3 weeks of light spotting was nice. Not having to worry about BC was even better, but the cramps that I started having and the discomfort during sex was for the birds. I would say overall I would try it again because it was better than negative.
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