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Thread: How much BLW solids should my 8mo be eating?

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    Default How much BLW solids should my 8mo be eating?

    Hi out there!

    I'm doing solids with my 8mo DS but it's my first time trying BLW. I offer food twice a day, things like green beans, black beans, banana, sweet potato, string cheese, cheerios, but he really only eats maybe 2-3 bites of anything before wanting to be done.

    Is this a normal amount of food or should I be worried?

    I tried purees at 6-7 mo but he hates them. He likes feeding himself and doesn't choke. Should I just be patient and hope the volume increases soon?

    He seems hungry, likes to eat off my plate, and nurses, nurses, nurses all day and night! His growth is good.
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    Default Re: How much BLW solids should my 8mo be eating?

    Keep offering!

    We did BLS and my DS was interested in exploring foods and was actually pretty good at getting food into his mouth, but didn't do anything more than take a couple nibbles until he was about 8.5 mo.

    I started getting a lot of pressure from well-intentioned people (like grandmothers and day care provider) that DS "should" be eating more ... but we just patiently kept on offering without any stress and pressure and had confidence that eventually DS would decide he was ready to eat.
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    Default Re: How much BLW solids should my 8mo be eating?

    yep, just keep offering, the whole idea of BLW is to let the baby lead, so let him eat as much as he wants and when he needs more, he'll eat more. His main source of nutrition should still be breastmilk right now anyway...sounds like you're doing a great job.
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    Default Re: How much BLW solids should my 8mo be eating?

    Remember, all he needs is your milk. Food is about learning and fun right now. Relax and let him lead the way.
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