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Thread: Water and the diaper that couldn't hold it...

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    Default Water and the diaper that couldn't hold it...

    So my MIL came down for a long weekend and took my 7 month old DD out for long walks. They had a great time together, it was very sweet. However, while MIL was here, DD's night diapers couldn't contain her night pees. It had never happened before but every night MIL was here it did. And we cosleep, so it was prety eww.

    MIL said she gave DD a little water while they were out on the walks. Could this have caused the night excesses? Should also say that now that MIL is gone, the diapers are working just fine.

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    Default Re: Water and the diaper that couldn't hold it...

    from my experience- YES! My daughter has water at night with dinner and has super soakers in the morning. And my MIL also loves to give her water in the afternoon sometimes if she's around, and sure enough the super soaker is sure to follow. I use disposables and love the Pampers cruisers because they are so absorbent (especially at night) and wick the moisture away from lo so she never gets a diaper rash.
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    certainly could be the water. It is important not to give *too much* water because it can disrupt a baby's sodium levels. I always make sure to tell our caregivers that information, becuase people seem to think that a baby should be walking around with a cup or bottle of water 24/7. I'm not necessarily implying that your MIL gave your LO too much, this is just for info regarding water in general.

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