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Thread: OH Man not again!!

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    Default OH Man not again!!

    I cannot believe i did it again

    Again I say, whoever came up with the saying Dont cry over spilt milk never pumped it themselves!

    DS2 and DD was fighting over a toy and i guess he pinched her on the back and she was crying so i tryed to comfort her(I was pumping at the time) So i called her in here and she layed her head on my leg, i leaned over to check her back and thats when it happened

    I dont know how many times i have leaned over to hug or console my children only to have spilt my milk!!

    My leg got soaked, But what i can do now is i can tell ya what an ounce looks like on a pair of jeans
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    Default Re: OH Man not again!!

    Oh mama so sorry I feel your pain

    i spilled an ounce or so a few days ago, at WORK, onto my skirt no less....
    Moma to *Silas* 10-30-07

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    Default Re: OH Man not again!!

    I feel for you. I spilt milk once and was upset because with my pump it took forever.

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    Default Re: OH Man not again!!

    The best part is spilling on your clothes and wearing the milk fat stain around for the rest of the day....and your life for that matter cause I've never been able to get it completely out!
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    Default Re: OH Man not again!!

    That's the worst! I'm sorry
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    Default Re: OH Man not again!!

    so sorry!!
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    Default Re: OH Man not again!!

    I can remember the first time I spilled my milk. I looked at my mom and said, "Now I understand the phrase crying over spilled milk." Then I just cried. Probably had a lot to do with the harmones and the fact that I had to work so hard for just an ounce of milk.

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