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Thread: mixing fresh milk with cooled milk

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    Question mixing fresh milk with cooled milk

    I just have a quick question, I have been wondering if it's okay to store freshly pumped milk with cooled fridge milk from the same day, then if it's okay to store it in the fridge mixed together in the plastic storage bags, equaling about 8 ounces then only using 3 ounces at a time for feedings. i hope this makes sense. so I store breast milk from different pump sessions in the the same bag for storage and then use three unces at a time. or do you have to store exactly what you use at a feeding in each bag since you opened it for one feeding? Thanks!! Cindy

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    Default Re: mixing fresh milk with cooled milk

    You want to ensure that you also cool the freshly pumped milk before adding to milk that has already been cooled in the fridge...so yes, you can mix milk from different pump sessions. i've read that it's best to mix milk from pumping sessions that occurred with 24 hours each other.

    I'm no expert about this subject but I don't see anything wrong with storing 8oz, but using 3oz at a time for a feeding (e.g., pouring 3oz into a bottle and putting the rest back into the fridge (remember, you cannot re-freeze breast milk). Personally, I store my expressed breast milk in individual feeding amounts (e.g., 3-4oz each). This might be the safest way to go.

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    Default Re: mixing fresh milk with cooled milk

    I just posted this for another thread:

    You can pump directly into previously pumped, chilled, milk as long as there is more of the chilled milk than pumped milk. For example, I usually pump 2 oz at my first pump session and only 1 oz at the next, so I pump directly into the chilled milk. I have never had a problem--but then I don't freeze, I use it fresh. The biggest thing is to make sure that when you are serving it, it doesn't smell/taste sour.]

    And I freeze my milk in 3 oz portions, because that's what dd eats a feeding. I haven't used an ice cube tray in a long time, but I sterilized it before using it and then kept it in a plastic bag while freezing milk, "just in case". It just seemed more sanitary. But then, you are talking to the girl who says its okay to pump into previously pumped chilled milk, so take it for what its worth .

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