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    I want to start weaning and would like to know if there are any books to help me. I know weaning is different for every mom and child. I am just looking for tips and try to find out how to start.

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    How Weaning Happens by Diane Bengson and available through LLL is a good book. I read it when my DS1 turned 1 and I thought I was supposed to wean him at that age. It helped me to examine my feelings and the feelings of my DS a little better.
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    I think that the womanly art of breastfeeding also has a chapter on weaning.

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    you can try the weaing pages here at the web site...

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    How Weaning Happens is a great book. It shares a huge diversity of weaning experiences, has information on weaning techniques and also the emotional aspects for mom and baby. My LLL group probably isn't too pleased that I've been borrowing it for 4 months () but I keep going back to it as we are going through the weaning process. Initially, it helped me commit to a gradual and natural(ish) weaning, but with my situation changed and we're using a more directive approach, I still find it helpful and comforting
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