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    I plan to go back to work early September and my daughter will be about 10 or so weeks old. I have no idea how much pumped breastmilk to send to daycare with her. I can try to feed her in the morning and after work (I'll drop her off between 7 and 5), but I want to make sure she has enough. How many ounces should I send each day? Thanks in advance!

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    Each baby is different it really depends on how much YOUR LO eats and how often. I started by sending 2 1/2 oz. for every 1 1/2 to 2 hours (+a little extra just in case). However, some babies drink 4-5 oz. every 3-4 hours. HTH.
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    This is a really nice article that explains everything. Even has a calculator!

    Make sure to work with your care provider, especially if they aren't used to breastfed infants. A lot of times well meaning care givers tend to overfeed in the beginning because they are learning babies cues.
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    I just went back to work this week- and- though she's at home with grandma, so far she has eaten the amount I pumped from one side the day before. (i.e. I double pump at work, get 2-3 oz each side, and she eats one of those bottles at each feeding). . .
    I suggest pumping for at least a week before you go back- then you will have an idea how much is taken at each feeding
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