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Thread: Do I have to pump when I only work 4hrs?

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    Default Do I have to pump when I only work 4hrs?

    Hi to all! This is my first time posting although I have been a lurker for a bit. I am mom to my third LO who just turned three months! She has been exclusively breastfed since birth and had her first bottle today of expressed milk. I returned to work yesterday for a four hour shift and am wondering if I have to pump while at work or if my supply is established enough to do without pumping. I only live one mile from work so it is about 4 hours and 15 minutes that I am gone from home. She is fed right before I leave and as soon as I get home. My dilemma is if I ask for extra time on my break to pump I will be gone from home even longer as I will have to have been "at work" for at least 3 hours and 45 minutes. I do not have enough time on my 15 minute break to get a full pumping session in and have not been very lucky pumping unless she is nursing on the opposite side. If I pump at work I have to go get a key from the security guard if I can find them, go to the locker room, set up, pump and attempt to let down in a timely manner (without her nursing this can take about 10 minutes), finish up and return the key and head back up to work. All in all this would take at least 25 minutes and I would hate to stay at work extra time just to pump!

    My supply is great at this point. My LO co-sleeps and is fed on demand when I am home and in bed. Do you think my body would adjust without lowering my supply to much if I skip pumping for those four hours or should I just suck it up and pump?


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    My guess, is that if your lo needs a bottle during the time that you're gone, that you either need to pump then, or find time to pump at some other time of day that lo isn't nursing in order to keep up your supply.

    You could try pumping in the morning after baby has nursed, or in the evening after baby goes to bed.

    It's still supply and demand, regardless of how old baby is though. So "no", your body will not keep making the amount of milk your baby needs if you don't remove the milk from your breasts at some point. The less milk that's removed over time, the less milk your body will make.

    I'm sure you could just pump at some other time of day though, to keep up your supply and have pumped milk for while you're away.

    Once your baby gets to the point where she doesn't need a bottle during the time you're away, then you could stop pumping all together.

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    Thanks for the reply. She usually takes a decent nap in the afternoon so I will pick up a session then. It will be easier to let down too since I can stare at her then!
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    Default Re: Do I have to pump when I only work 4hrs?

    What you said above was going to be my advice to you. Sounds like you don't have enough time at work but that you will need a session somewhere in the line to create the equal amount of feeding sessions she is requiring! Good Luck and FWIW staring a your beautiful baby while pumping beats pumping in a locker room any day!

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    I also think you'll be OK supply-wise as long as you squeeze in an extra pump at home to supply the next day's bottle. Just remember some good nursing pads for work in case you start to leak a little before coming home! I work in short spurts, too - isn't it so much nicer?
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