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Thread: Weekend bottles?

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    Hi! I have a question about what working moms (who work M-F) do over the weekend. I work M-F, 8-4ish, and can only get in one pump at lunch time. This works out fine for me. But my caregiver recently requested that I try to give dd bottles of ebm over the weekend to help dd get into a routine and take the bottle better because she had been having a hard time getting her to take the bottle during the week. She suggested I give her a mid morning bottle, then a mid afternoon bottle to mimic her feedings while at homecare. I am a little nervous about doing this but at the same time I do want to make it easier for dd to get back to taking the bottle bcause I don't want her to NOT eat. I don't know! I'm confused. Then that will mean that I need to do my usual work week routine of pumping once around lunch time on Sat and Sun? How will this affect my milk supply? I feel like I have plenty of milk now, I always have more than enough to send to homecare with dd. I have a freezer FULL of milk I have been pumping since April. I feel like that is going to go to waste, I haven't had to touch any of it! Any advice/suggestions? Thanks!

    oh, by the way...dd is a little over 4 mths, doesn't really have a set schedule for eating, nurses when she feels like it...is off the charts at 17lbs and gaining...

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    Most mothers find that they can nurse their babies on the weekend, and let baby get bottles while at daycare during the week. If baby doesn't eat much at daycare, they typically make up for it during the evenings and overnight. It's called reverse cycle nursing.
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    yeah and I wouldn't give the baby a bottle when I was with her. I'd let that advice go in one ear and out the other.. but then I'm that way about things like that.
    If your dcp has never nursed babies then I realy wouldn't use any of her advice!
    I would be willing to feed a baby around the same time as she wants to feed her during the week.

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    Another thing to try is a different type of bottle. When my DS was 4-5 wks old I went through several types and he did the best with the playtex venaire ones for breastfeeding. He never did do great though and eventually I went back and tried them all again and ended up on the Dr Browns which he takes great. But, no I would not routinely give my baby a bottle at home!
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    interestingly enough, my own mother, who takes care of my 3 month old dd during the day while i'm at work, suggested that i give her a couple bottles during the weekend, too...so that my dd doesn't get out of the routine of getting bottles during the week. i looked at her like she was crazy, and told her that i would not give her a bottle during the weekends since i would be there to nurse her myself. my mom has stated that the first 2 bottles of the day is very difficult to give to my dd. she fusses and plays with the nipple and spits out the milk...but she's smart...and when she's hungry, she will take the bottle. my mom says that my dd takes the 3rd and 4th bottles of day just fine...no fussing at all.

    i do pump 3 times a day at work and once at night before going to bed...but on the weekends, i only pump at night before bedtime.

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