Hi ladies.

I hope you can offer me some advice.

I have had a doozy of a time with breastfeeding. We tackled many roadblocks and continue to work through some day by day.

The biggest hurdle now is the SNS. I have been using the SNS since day three on the advice of the hospital LC. This was due to slow milk production.

Since then, my milk has increased so that I have just enough to give her for every feeding. I use the SNS to feed her EBM for all but one feeding during the day. I hope my milk production increases to allow for a full day of BM only feedings.

My dilemma now is I would like to wean my 3 week old child away from the SNS. The schedule of BF'g w/SNS & pumping is taxing and the need to use the SNS restricts our day severely.

I have tried the last 3 days to do one feeding session without the SNS. My daughter latches on but promptly stops sucking. It is as if she has grown accustomed to the auto flow of the SNS.

How can I get her to try harder? She has been diagnosed with a minor form of tongue tie the doctors and LCs do not feel it necessary to clip the frenulum.

Please share your advice and tips. I would love to be able to get her to drink straight from the source.