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Thread: 1 year today!

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    Congrats mama!!

    and many happy returns to you and your son!!
    Moma to *Silas* 10-30-07

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    Congrats! We are just a week or so behind and I'm so looking forward to being here again. It's an honor to be among the other awesome mothers who breastfeed beyond one!

    Happy Birthday little man!
    Mother - Wife - Artist - Cook - Writer - EnvironMENTAList - Cloth Diaperer (but we are soooo done with diapers) - Organic Health Nut...I'm sure there's more.

    DD1 - 12/15/05 Breastfed for 16.5 months
    DD2 - 8/6/07 Breastfed for 3 whole years and 3 little, extra days.

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    congrats! happy birthday little man!!
    Married to my Sugar Daddy
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    Paul (3/11/10)

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    Congratulations...that is a wonderful accomplishment!

    Happy Birthday Little One!
    Tracy...Mommy to my two beautiful girls - Kinzie Marie, 1/19/01 and Ryan Renee, 2/1/07
    Married to Danny, an amazing husband and father - 3/22/03

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    to LO and congrats to you mom... keep up the good work!
    wife , mom, maid , cook , taxi. All in a days work

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    Good job mama! Congrats and to both of you!!

    Wife to my best friend and mommy to our sweet little man born 4/07!

    Still 'ing and loving life! We cloth!

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    Congrats! Isn't the best feeling! I know it feels like *success* for me! Happy Birthday, too!!
    Mama to my Rubies
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    And I will praise the one who's chosen me to carry you
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mumtothomas View Post
    Congratulations!! It felt so good to finally be able to post here. Good job!!
    Happy birthday to your LO and congrats mama!!! What an amazing accomplishment!

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    Way to go Mama!
    Mommy to Maxwell 10-9-07 weaned with love (a party and a remote control monster truck) on his 4th birthday
    My Boy 3-16-10
    And my sweet pea Sam 2-12-11

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    aw thanks everyone! your congrats made me all teary. It is so great to be a mama, and it is even better when you can share the experiences with other people too.

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