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    Forgive me for this selfish-seeming post--but with a newborn (1 month old), How do I plan for outtings, where I have to leave my baby with a caregiver other than myself? I have an overactive letdown problem--so pumping is a bit risky for me. Is it better to pump my breastmilk (any suggestions on a pump for my overactive problem?) or feed formula if needed for short outings out. My newborn feeds alot--likely due to my overactive issue-so I worry about him needing to feed while we are gone. We have NOT introduced a bottle yet, but I have tried a pacifier for rare occasions where he is screaming in gas pain, but he hates it (refuses the pacifier).

    Also, is it feasible to take a newborn to a movie theater (Batman is playing and my husband really wants to go see it before it leaves the theater). I am worried about the loud sound, but also about the baby screaming during the movie and ruining it for people around us.

    Thank you in advance.

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    My sister took her 6 week old baby to the movie with her family. I thought it would be to loud for LO but my sister said the louder the better. It helps LO sleep better. She also told me that she justed nursed her LO when she needed it and everything was good. I hope that helped I am sure others will have more advice.
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    Re: movie. I don't take my kids since I find it too loud for little ears but appreciate others do (personal choice). Suggest googling "movies for mommies" and "stars and strollers" to see if either of these programs are in your area. they are screenings esp for parents where the sound level is lower, nursing, strollers are welcome. some even have wipes & change tables set up.

    consider restaurants now too...you'll reach a time in the next year that you can't do with an infant.

    good luck
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    How does your LO react to loud noises? That has been my guide on whether or not to go to the movies with baby (we haven't FTR)

    As for pumping, are you currently block feeding to help with your OALD? When I was block feeding and needed to pump I would just pump which ever side was due next on the block feeding schedule. I would introduce the bottle at home first thought just to make sure your LO will take it. You don't want to have to leave the movie in the middle cause your baby won't eat and is crying it's head off. Just make sure to use a bottle/nipple combo that simulates the BFing latch, we liked the Playtex Nurser system with a slow flow nipple.

    IMO I would rather pump and deal with the consequences then introduce formula for no good reason. Hope you enjoy the movie.

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    I have a 5 month old that I have taken to 3 movies so far. The one that she went to when she was a young newborn she slept through, and nursed during it. The noise did not bother her. The other 2 movies I took her to she was 2-3 months old and she watched the movie, nursed, and slept. If I can offer any advice at all it's bring your boppy pillow if you have one! I bring mine everywhere I go it seems! If you don't wish to leave your baby, go for it!

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    Babies are relatively easy to take to a movie. It is dark so it is not too hard to nurse. However, movies are kinda loud. Even if your lo is usually not bothered by loud noises, surround sound in a theater is different than most daily noises. And even if your theater is not usually too loud this could be the one time that someone has the volume turned up a little higher than normal. How will you and dh feel if you need to leave and miss the whole movie because your lo is unhappy?

    My dh will occassionally go to a movie with friends from work if it is something he has to see. He is way more into sci-fi and all of these comic book remakes than I and he doesn't do anything else with the guys so I don't mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*foo View Post
    Suggest googling "movies for mommies" and "stars and strollers" to see if either of these programs are in your area. they are screenings esp for parents where the sound level is lower, nursing, strollers are welcome. some even have wipes & change tables set up.

    DS has been to several movies in these programs. Its nice to be able to take him out and know that if he cries (or makes any baby noise) it's totally acceptable/understood. and its open to family and friends too.
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    I have taken my youngest along to 3 movies, but I think she's getting too old now at 4 months. She slept or nursed through all 3. I agree that it's pretty easy to nurse in a theatre because it's dark and all. However, there is a chance that she will get upset and you'll have to leave.
    Generally, 4 weeks is a good time to try to introduce a bottle if you are going to. We use the Playtex Nursers with liners/drop-ins and Naturallatch nipples. I pump breastmilk to give my baby when we're apart. I really like my Avent Isis hand pump and a hand pump might be an economical choice if you are only going to be pumping occasionally.
    So, long story short, I think you could try taking your LO along, but if you want to definitely see the whole movie, you might want to leave your LO with a trusted caregiver and pump milk for her to take while you're gone.
    You'll want to introduce the bottle prior to your outing, though. This page has some great links to tips for how to introduce a bottle to a breastfed baby.


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    Have you thought about the drive-in? Not sure if you have one in your area. But I would think it would be really easy to take your lo to a movie at a drive in. You can nurse in privacy, you can control the volume of the movie and you don't have to worry about his/her crying annoying other viewers!

    About the bottle: I introduced it to my lo at 4 weeks because we had a wedding in a few days and didn't want to have to nurse her there. I found that my husband had to feed her the bottle, she didn't want to take it from me.

    Good luck!

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    My LO actually sleeps well through loud noises but I think that is because I am a professional musician so he is used to it!

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