My 7 m.o. has five teeth (2 bottom, 3 top) with three more on the way. Needless to say, nursing has been quite a challenge, as he tends to "chew" (not bite, as the action coincides with his sucking) on my nipple. I've tried all the tips to be found here on biters, and nothing's worked.

Now I'm really worried about my left breast, as it's the one that receives the most abuse. Fortunately, he hasn't drawn blood (yet), but I'm very worried that he is damaging the milk ducts. I've noticed that my let-down on that side is nearly nonexistent, and the flow is very slow. This is a definite change for me.

What can I do?? I'm really tired of my body being abused in this manner, and am half tempted to exclusively pump from now on. What I'm really worried about is that there's permanent damage done to that breast, and should I have another child, it will be completely useless to BF on that side.