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Thread: Gabe's new thing

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    Do you lay him on his side, or is he sitting facing you? DS does that when he is sitting facing me, but if I have him on his side he doesn't care if both are out.

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    Well, we nursed at my friends house today and I tried the hand under the shirt thing and it didn't work. He doesn't want to play with the nipple or anything, he just likes to change sides often. Both his hands grasp my boob while he's nursing so they don't even roam. He just likes knowing he can switch as often as he wants.

    Doesn't matter if I'm on my side or not

    And Molly, I just don't know if I could lol. I'm worried he'd stop nursing

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    Waylon won't nurse unless he can have his hand on my other breast. Your situation is worse, but this is bothersome in public as well (well, only a little bit). Will he allow you to keep one in as long as he is allowed to nurse on both as often as he wants? Can you distract him from nursing while in public places, until he gives in a bit? Waylon is mostly too distrated to NIP, so I have to go someplace quiet anyway.

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    I know you're frusterated but it reminded me of when you are little and you make a "suicide" with all the fountain drinks by combining them all.

    Good Luck, soory I can;t help!
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    Colton did that too and I had to stop NIP finally because no other option worked, unless he really wanted to nurse (like he was hurt and needed quick comfort). He didn't care if I was laying down, sitting up, had him in various holds, whatever.

    I did try telling him to just stay put and finish, but I wasn't persistent about doing that and quit, perhaps too soon Looking back, I probably should have dealt with it like I do biting -- stop the session immediately.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*shahada.ghan View Post
    And Molly, I just don't know if I could lol. I'm worried he'd stop nursing
    I NEVER had that worry with DD1. She'll be one who has to be weaned before she can head off to college!


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    So so cute! I love the different phases of bfing!
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    I'm sure this phase will pass or at least I hope so for your sake
    Maybe thinks the grass is greener on the other side?

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    that's so funny! I know a mommy whose little guy does the same thing! He was about 17 months the last time I saw him...he also insisted on putting his hand in mom's mouth while he nursed. Very cute! (sorry no advice though, I am new to nursing!)
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