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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    My son was born 8 days ago and I feel like all I do is nurse. He seems to have a good latch and all, but it's like he never stops nursing. Each nursing session lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours with 1-3 hours in between. I have barely slept for 8 days now. I would like to start pumping some because my husband would like to be involved in the feedings, but my son nurses so much that when I pump there isn't anything left to pump out or he's ready to nurse again before I have any more milk to give him. Please help! It's really important to me to breastfeed him, but I don't think it's supposed to be like this. Am I doing something wrong?

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    From one mommy to a Gabe ( the name) to another...although it is hard right now, it is normal. From what yous aid, that is how our first two weeks went. I was planted on the couch and in the rocking chair nursing for what felt like to be round the clock. He is establishing your milk supply and remember milk is a supply demand system. I promise you it will get better soon! Then one day all this time will pass and you will forget about these hard days! Each moment with them at this stage is so prescious! Try and enjoy this down time. And use lots and lots of lanolin! When it's getting to be too much, come on here, we'll talk you through it, listen to you vent and give you lots of s and !

    Best of luck with your lil' Gabe!

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    First off, no you aren't doing anything wrong. The first few weeks can be very demanding with nursing. Keep at it and baby will go for longer stretches at a time. In my opinion, hold off on pumping for now. I know it seems like it could be bliss to have someone/anyone else take over for you for even 1 feeding. In my experience, however, pumping can lead to other issues (plugged ducts, overactive letdown, oversupply, etc.). What you and baby need most right now is to just hanker down and get to know one another's signals really well and get even better (and more efficient) at nursing.

    It is also my recommendation that you just lay in bed and nurse laying down and just forget everything else that is on your mind or in/around your home. You will be rewarded with a happy, soundly sleeping infant if you get rest as much as possible.

    Hang in there. You are doing a wonderful thing for your child.
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    Hi Gabe's Mommy!

    Sounds to me like you are doing EVERYTHING RIGHT.

    It can be very challenging those first few weeks. Seems like I was just stuck there nursing and tired, and overwhelmed, etc. but in time it got better. Keep up the great work and come back here with questions or for support, etc.

    I found that in addition to the forums and La Leche League info. that the kellymom site also had good info. that helped me those early weeks.


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