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Thread: 4 Months and trying again

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mom2gavin-keean-alexis View Post
    Oh momma, im sorry you are having problems finding a pump. That price is kinda steap. ouch!! IMO i would get the SNS nurse baby with it as much as you can and try to hand express.
    Hand expression may take a bit longer but it dosent hurt the pocketbook!

    Do you have a manual pump? like a medela harmony?
    Its manual but way easier than hand expression!
    Funny enough, I can express twice as much milk by hand than by pump... and it's quicker too. I only get drips still... and can only fill the bottom rim of the bottle with both breasts, but I can't do that with the pump alone!

    Is that a problem if I spend less time and hand express instead of pumping for longer with less output? Should I express for longer??

    I've decided on sns. I got will to latch on for 5 mins today and felt all warm and fuzzy... especially when he smiled at me with his mouth full!
    SAHM to one beautiful baby
    William 3-31-08

    to make milk again!

    My ultimate goal: exclusively

    Need all the help I can get!

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    If you're getting more milk with hand expression than with a pump, that's great! You go, girl!

    I loved reading your description of your baby smiling at you while nursing! What a great reward for your hard work.
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    also usually your local hospital gives nursing moms a manual breast pump. call them maybe they can give you a breast pump. here its the medela harmony they give nursing moms.

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    Go for it and best of luck! Take what you need for yourself -- a nap, pedicure, an extra helping at dinner, time for a prayer -- whatever keeps you relaxed when you can grab a moment for yourself.

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