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Thread: "Hooter Hider"

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    I just use a light blanket that I attach under my bra strap and I've never had a problem. Now DD hates being covered so I just put a burp cloth between my chest and where she's latched on to cover the part of my boob that's exposed. Honestly I've never found the need for one and I NIP pretty frequently.
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    I have one as I am a bit modest when in public and for the most part it's really worked out well. I also like to use it to shade the stroller or carseat and my LO likes to look at the pattern so I turn it so the pattern is facing her in the stroller, etc.

    I do find that even the hooter hider is hot though when we aren't in air conditioning!
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    They have lots of knockoffs on ebay. I've seen them go for as little as $5 if you're not particular about the pattern. Search for nursing cover, hooter hider, nursing shawl. I love mine - I have no problems nursing in a busy restaurant. No one can see a thing.
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    I made mine with the boning in the neck and everything just like a real hooter hider.

    Here is a tutorial! The whole thing costs me about $5.00 to make, as I use the coupons from Jo-Ann's fabric! I make them for babyshowers now! They area huge hit!

    Tutorial w/ pics! http://imustnotthinkbadthoughts.word...-have-a-hooty/

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    I just purchased one off of Ebay for $15 (that includes the shipping) from organic*goodies. She makes them and sells them on Ebay. I can't wait til it gets here. She also sells the pattern and a kit that includes the boning.

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