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    I didn`t really know where to post my question, but here goes. Maybe one of you could help. I will be having my second baby in the next few days. I know that when I leave the hospital my doc will prescribe me some birth control pills. I intend to bf exclusively for the first six months like I did with my first child (still bf her!) I do not really want to take these pills as I remember last time it interfering with my milk supply and it is such a hassle to remember to take them etc. What is the risk that I fall pregnant if I do not take them?
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    My OB did not even discuss birth control until my 6-week PP check-up. Even then she told me that she could prescribe a pill that is safe for BFing mothers but that if I wasn't comfortable with taking them just to stick w/condoms and spermicidal jelly. Which is what we ended up doing. DD is 7 months and no unexpected surprises so far!

    I believe as long as you are nursing exclusively your chances of becoming pregnant in the first six months are relatively low. That said, I'm no expert and I'm sure someone can provide a link with more info!

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    heres a link about lam


    are you going to be pumping or being away from baby for long periods of time.
    I found that with each baby the longer it took my period to return.
    And lets face facts with two kids your going to have even less time for doing the deed.
    IS your hubby apposed to condoms? untill your period returns.
    They are cheap and no hormone mythod of bc.

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    I used the mini pill for a while and didn't notice a dip in my supply. But I didn't want to be on a hormonal bc anymore and stopped and used condoms for a while and then started using NFP. It's working great.

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    you're fertility depends on when your period returns. BF-ing exclusively can postpone the return of your period, however it's no guarantee. I had what I thought was spotting at 6 weeks post partum and a regular period at 12 weeks and 16 weeks so I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I think though, that perhaps it was because my son went over 6 hours at night without nursing. I read that it order to keep AF away you should not go more than 4 hours without nursing (day or night). I don't have any links, but I'm sure someone has them

    Good luck with whatever you choose. Even with me ovulating we have opted out of hormonal birth control and rely instead on condoms. But I've heard that the 'mini pill' doesn't affect milk supply the same as a normal bc pill - something to do with the lack of estrogen


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    My LO is almost 4 months old and I am still period free. Exclusive BF should keep you from starting your period, however, just as schmommy explained, it is not a guarantee. I do try to feed my LO at least every 2-3 hours during the day and not let any more than 6 hours go by at night (even if that means I wake him up...not usually the case though). My husband and I also opted to rely on condoms. This is easiest for us and does not contain the hormones. I have also read that different types of birth control can affect your milk supply. I will add that my mom exclusively BF me for 7 months and did not get pregnant mith my sister until she stopped (2 weeks after she stopped nursing me). Hope this helps!

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    We opted to avoid hormonal bc options and stuck with condoms so that there was no interference with milk production. LO is 18 weeks old now and no sign of AF yet. But, we're taking no chances with birth control. Although it's unlikely that I'm ovulating while still pumping (even at night), it's not unheard of for women to get pg while nursing and without having had a period.
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    Have you considered an IUD? I have a Mirena and love it.
    You never have to think about it, it has not affected milk production at all, and is generally more effective than the pill.
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    I used the minipill for the first year PP and then had the Mirena inserted. Neither one affected my supply.
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    I started the mini-pill a few months after having dd2. If I did have a dip in my supply it was very minimal b/c I never noticed. I think every womans body is different so to say you cannot get pregnant right away could definitely be a false statement (and I don't want to be responsible for that ). If you don't want to start any kind of pill I would look into other forms of bc.
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