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Thread: need advice on pumping

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    Default need advice on pumping

    I am new to this and i have a question
    i went back to work about 6 weeks ago and have been pumping only 2 times a day for about 20 minutes each time (once in morning and once in afternoon). Now my employer tells me that I have to punch out to pump.... shouldnt they have told me this in the beginning. If another coworker complained about it, should I be the one to pay? I live in Ohio, and they told me because they are under 25 employees they do not have to abide by employement laws....b/s i think.
    thanks for all answers.

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    Default Re: need advice on pumping

    This is always a tough situation. Check around and see if your employer requires those who smoke to punch out for breaks. You might be able to reason with them, if they don't require smokers to punch out, but they will require you to.

    More reading info here: http://www.llli.org/Law/LawEmployment.html

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    Would they require you to clock out if it was for a medical reason like giving yourself an insulin shot? I only ask because sometimes employers seem to think pumping is not necessary. Also I still think every employer is supposed to give 1 or 2, 15 minute break/s. It depends on how long you work, I don't think it matters the amount of employees.
    Could you pump and do your work at the same time? This might only work if you had an office or could take your work with you to the pump room but it's a thought.

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    I agree with the PP. I usually use my 15 minute breaks to pump and if a supervisor trys to give me a hard time I'll say I'm taking my smoke break and just go (no I don't smoke but everyone else in the building does.) Just double check if your entitiled that 15 minute break and use it to pump. Or use your lunch break also to make up for time missed.

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