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Thread: pumping after nursing??

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    Default pumping after nursing??

    i have a small for date baby that is just now getting a little better at nursing and not having a bottle of breast milk after i nurse everytime .. however he doesnt usually empty both breasts after each feeding.. should i be pumping after nursing to empty my breasts? i dont want to dry up or anything.

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    Default Re: pumping after nursing??

    Hi mama! If your baby is getting what he needs from your breast, and your not having to supplement then letting him decide the supply is always a good idea.

    If you pump after every feeding, and it's milk he doesn't need your essentially creating an oversupply (which can come with problems) if he's not emptying your breasts right now it probably means you've already got a bit of an oversupply for him.

    Weaning cold turkey from pumping say 8 times a day however is generally not a good idea, there is risk of plugged ducts and infection. Slowly dropping the sessions, and slowly decreasing the amount and the time you pump will help. You'll probably find then that he does better to empty your breast.
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