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Thread: Can I still breastfeed?

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    Default Can I still breastfeed?

    I am going back to teaching in the fall after having the summer off. I pumped for the last three months of the school year, and had a very hard time with it. I have decided that I just cannot pump anymore due to the pumping making my OLD and OS out of control, not having a place to pump at work and due to the added stress of pumping that nearly put me over the edge last school year.
    So, I will be having LO take most of his solids and a few bottles of formula at daycare, he will be 8 months. I really, really would like to keep breastfeeding though (but, of course I can't say that I want to enough to pump).

    So.....is it at all possible to nurse in the morning and night only? Or should I just assume that I will be weaning if I don't nurse during the day? I also want to make sure he is getting enough nutrition and worry with my supply going down he won't, but I really would love to let him keep nursing when he is with me for as long as he wants...what should I do???

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    Some mamas on here have done that and I'm sure they will chime in. However, LO may decide the bottle is best and refuse the breast (like my DD did - thus the reason I still pump).
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