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Thread: He drew blood! :-(

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    Default He drew blood! :-(

    LO will be one next week and has only recently acquired 4 brand new, very sharp teeth. I think he is getting the next few now. We were out at relatives yesterday, in their garden. I BF him after his dinner there (he ate the solids well, so wasn't all that hungry) and after a couple of minutes, with no warning, he pulled away and nipped me really hard. I was able to suppress a reaction (I have quite a high pain threshold, thank goodness), and just ended the session.

    My nipple continued to hurt badly for the next few minutes. I had a look, and it was bleeding quite badly

    I did what I used to do for cracked nipples in the beginning - rub in BM and allow to dry, use Lansinoh. But now, 15 hours on, it still hurts. I needed to feed from that breast this morning, but I suppose I should try to give it as much rest as possible.

    Any ideas to promote healing?
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    Default Re: He drew blood! :-(


    There are several things you can do to try and help it heal. Keep rubbing in a few drops of expressed milk, and using Lansinoh. If icing it or applying heat helps it to feel better, then you can try that.

    When you do latch him on to that side, make sure he's latched on really well, no lazy latch for now. Keep an eye on him when he's on that side, so you can quickly put your finger in there next to your nipple to prevent another bite, if you see one coming.
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    Default Re: He drew blood! :-(

    When I had really badly cracked nipples, my LC recommended using a pea-sized mixture of Bactitracin ointment and 1% hydrocortisone cream on them. The Bactractin is an antibiotic and fights infection, and the hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. My LC said I didn't have to wash it off before nursing, but I always did. If your bite scabs over, try softening the scab with a warm, sopping-wet washcloth for at least 30 seconds before nursing. A dry scab causes a lot of pain when it rips open. A softened one is a bit easier to handle. You may want to start your baby's nursing sessions on the un-bitten side, as most babies suck most aggressively on the first breast. HTH!

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    Default Re: He drew blood! :-(

    Ouch! I feel your pain. DD already has 7 teeth at 7.5 months, and last week, I was right in your place. I did find she stopped much of the biting behavior after she cut her 7th tooth, so maybe once the teeth are out, the baby will stop biting.

    I used Lanisoh & BM on the hurt breast. I also didn't nurse from it for a couple of days (the nip got cracked all around) because it was just too painful with the teeth. I couldn't pump either because that would hurt too, so instead, I hand expressed milk from that breast for a couple of days. My supply didn't seem to take a hit, that breast is my underproducer anyway.

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