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Thread: What are my odds of this being successful...?

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    Default Giving Up -- But thanks for the advice.

    After a lot of struglles and serious thinkgin (and crying), I have decided to stop my efforts to relactate. Ds just doesn't allow me time to pump and I miss so much time with him because I'm attached to my pump. He cries 8-10 hours a day for no reason and I won't let him cry while I pump.

    Thanks for all the advice ladies. I will always regret my choice when he was born but there's nothing I can do to change it. Time to get over it, I guess.

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    Default Re: What are my odds of this being successful...?

    Im sorry youve decided to stop, I do know how you feel. I stopped too, but now im wanting to relactate...

    I know also the feelings of sadness when you just cant feed your child from your own body

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