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Thread: Is my supply diminishing?

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    Question Is my supply diminishing?

    My son is 2 1/2 weeks old. He was born at 37 weeks and spent the first week of his life in NICU. Because of that, I pumped, but not EVERY 3 hours. Since we brought him home, I pump while my husband feeds him, although I have bfed him in the early AM hours (I still pumped afterwards) a few times.

    My question is this, my son only eats about 5 times a day from a bottle and he eats 4-5 ounces at a time. The pediatrician is happy with his weight gain and how much he is eating. So, if he eats 5 times a day and I pump 5 times a day, is my milk going to dry up? I have been so terrified that it will that I have been keeping track of how much I pump every day. I am talking excel spreadsheets and all! On average I pump 5-6 ounces at a time. What do I do to make sure that I have enough milk? I plan on bfing him a couple times a day pretty soon. I also plan on pumping after bfing him. I double pump with an older PIS. It used to take me a LONG time to get 5-8 ounces (like 45-60 minutes). Now I pump in 15-20 minutes and get between 5-6 ounces. What do I do when my boy starts to eat more? I can keep up with him now and we have a ton of milk in the deep freeze. He will continue to eat from a bottle, so I will not be only bfing him. Daddy is like Rhett Butler with babies! Can I just put in an extra pumping time in there to make it 6 times a day? Or BF him between pumping? If I add an extra pump time, how long does it need to be? Do I just pump until there is no milk, or pump a little longer? Sometimes my boobs tingle and hurt between pumping sessions. What should i do then? What does this mean? I don't get this feeling when I have pumped or bf. I don't feel or sense anything then. I have noticed that my milk comes A LOT faster than it used to when I pump and that I finish a lot faster too.

    Well, that's it, at least for today! Thanks for reading!

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    So far it sounds like you are more than keeping up with your son's demand, so that is great If I were you, I'd just keep doing what you are doing, and if it starts to seem like you aren't producing as much as you were before, or if your son starts eating more and you'd like to increase your supply, then I would add a couple more sessions a day, until you are producing the amount you want, then you could go back to the number of pumps per day you were doing before. I never exclusively pumped, nor did I really need to pump much, so I'm not a pumping expert...but when I pump to boost my supply it usually only takes a couple of days of pumping a couple times a day for me to notice an increase in my supply. It's important too, for you to relax during your sessions, especially if you are pumping to increase your supply.

    I'm assuming from your post that your son is now used to bottles, due to being in the NICU and therefore, is not accepting of the breast directly, except for in the morning...is this right? You also say you are going to be breastfeeding directly a couple times a day next week...is this your goal, or is there some other reason you aren't doing this now? If I were you I'd start working on getting him to the breast as much as you can, so that you won't have to worry about pumping. There is no way to actually empty a breast, as you are constantly producing milk, even as the baby eats or you pump. So, don't worry that you won't have enough for the baby if you pump...if it really worries you than feed him first, then pump. The baby IS the best pump though, so the best thing to do is get him to the breast and ditch the bottle as much as possible There are many ways that fathers can bond wiht babies that don't include bottle feeding GL!!

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