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Thread: tongue-tie/receeded mandible. Anyone had it?

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    Default Re: tongue-tie/receeded mandible. Anyone had it?

    Hugs to you for hanging in there so long. My LO is 10 weeks old and we just had him clipped today. No anesthetic, just held him while he cried and nursed afterwards. I came on looking about this issue I'm waiting to see if there's improvement.

    My LO too is thriving on my oversupply- almost 15 pounds at 2 months. It took a 7th LC consult to get this pointed out. Everyone else said the latch looked perfect on the outside and if he was swallowing there was no way he was biting. But I could feel the clampdown and my nipples were so sore. At first the pedi dismissed it b/c he weighs so much and colud extend his tongue out with his mouth slightly open. He researched it further and decided it could be an issue and gave me ENT referrals. The articles from the LC said gen anesthesia is needed beyond 4 months b/c of their awareness and greater frenulum development. I was hesitant to put him through something that might or might not work. I let the LC know this and she came back to reevaluate his tongue. Since we've tried EVERYTHING else over 10 weeks with little improvement she felt it couldn't hurt to explore this, plus even if not to help bfing, there could be later speech and dental issues from it.

    Since it's been 10 weeks, I don't know when I'll see a decrease in pain, but we did notice that his mouth finally opened greater than a 90 degree angle when he was latched on. I've heard they could still need to get used to how to use their newly freed tongue. I decided to do this b/c I've exhausted all other solutions and have nursed through pain over 2 1/2 months while waiting for his mouth to grow bigger or for him to "learn" as others had told me. My maternity leave is over in a week and we gave literally been hermits in our house b/c we can't venture out and nurse in public. It was try this or risk an early end to my nursing goal.

    I hope you make a decision that is comfortable for you and again, much praise to you for sticking it out this long for the benefit of you child. I hope it gets better for you.

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    Default Re: tongue-tie/receeded mandible. Anyone had it?

    The story above sounds just like ours, except for the oversupply and weight gain, but cliping it was a huge sucess and we are still nursing at 19 months!

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    Default Re: tongue-tie/receeded mandible. Anyone had it?

    My son is also tonuge tied and some have told me getting it clipped will help and some said it wont make a difference. I know that the proceudre is really quick and can be painless for them. Sometimes they don't even bleed. I think that it is worth it to clip them. I was clipped as an infant. sometimes (in rare cases) if they are not clipped they can have a speech impediment. I think its worth it but ultimately you have to decide.

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    Default Re: tongue-tie/receeded mandible. Anyone had it?

    Wow! Thanks for all the replies about your experiences everyone. I loved the picture of the little guy sticking out his tongue!

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