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Thread: 6 month old prob's

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    Default 6 month old prob's

    Hi everyone,

    I've been exclusively breastfeeding my little one, to be 6 months on Friday ... the last few days have been SUCH a struggle. He feeds good during the day, little bit fussy, but ok, but then his last feed before going to bed, is a fight from start to finish ... as soon as he starts pushing me away, i start getting all stressed and that affects the let down that makes him fustrated and then we're stuck in a vicious cycle, until much coaching with glyserine on the nipple and dummy, let down happens and he feeds ... 2 nights ago he screamed so much that he ended up falling asleep without feeding ... and i feel SO BAD, like a failure and totally insecure. I can't believe he's able to still do this to me 6 months down the line!!

    Can this possibly also be because of teething??? He's got a bit of a runny nose and everything goes in the mouth, with lots of drooling.

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    It's quite possible he's teething. Mine popped out two teeth between six and seven months and he was a cranky bugger for a good six weeks before they appeared. Try some baby Orajel about 30 minutes before nursing and/or baby Motrin.

    Is there something different about the environment right before bed? He could be getting distracted by something going on around him. You might try nursing him lying down. I have a very distractible seven month old and sometimes the only way to get a decent nursing session is to lie down in the bedroom, door closed, and only a dim light on.

    You could try hand expressing or pumping just a little before nursing him, to get the flow going. Did you have oversupply or overactive let down when he was younger? Often times, as your supply regulates, your let down regulates also and babies who got used to a fast flow get impatient when the flow isn't happening as quickly. Pumping or expressing a little gets things going so he isn't so likely to get impatient.

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    Definitely sounds like teething- I use crushed ice in a mesh feeder to help out, you can also use frozen breastmilk or frozen fruit (if taking solids)- my lo likes frozen bananas, but the fruit is harder to clean out of those things. Also, at 6 mos. my pedi said I could switch to ibuprofen from tylenol and it lasts a lot longer. You can also try teething tablets, lots of people swear by them, I use them some, but have a hard time telling how much relief they give. DD's bottom teeth popped through right at 6 mos, and boy was she happier once they broke through (of course, shortly after, she started working on the top two which finally came through at 8 1/2 mos) If lo is hitting any milestones- ie. crawling, that could make a big difference too, it seems to send them into overdrive and they have a harder time winding down. You can also try breast compressions while nursing to hold his attention/remind him why he's there. Sorry so long, hth.
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