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Thread: wont breastfeed properly

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    Default wont breastfeed properly

    my 2mo lo wont feed properly. i had no problems bf until he got admitted and needed to drink from a bottle. so i did a mixture of ebm and direct feeding. but of late it is a fight with him to directly feed. he has always falllen aslepp on the breadt but now he pushes off after a while and then starts wailing for more! then he gets frustrated coz the letdown isnt like yhe bottle

    wat should i do??

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    This is a really great (non LLL) resource. Lots of good info in there.

    Skin to skin contact is important, and some time and patience. Continue to offer and to make the breast a nice place to be. Don't force him, that will only make things worse. Breast compressions might help you to speed up the flow a little bit, this is an article written by Dr. Newman about how to do that.

    Keep trying!!
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