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Thread: Sippy Cup?

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    Default Sippy Cup?

    Whenever DD sees us drink out of a bottle or cup, her mouth flies wide open and she leans in like she wants a drink. When is a good time to start a sippy cup? What one work good with breast feeding? What do we put in it (water, juice, BM)? Thanks for all the advice!
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    no juice (ped. doesn't recommend b/c of sugar content). We do BM and water - just depending.

    DD likes the take and toss cups with the straw. She also likes the nubby sippy cup. She also tried drinking out of a cup normally and that was interesting.
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    Its hard for some babies to even take a cup so If you can get any cup to work, more power to you! I wouldn't put juice into a cup for a baby under a yr. And even after a yr I would dilute it. Your LO might get diarrhea from all that sugar. We put milk or water in ours and we started right before 6 months old. HTH
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    We started around 5 1/2 mos with the cup and dd picked it up pretty quickly. She started with the sippy cups with handles- a couple of different brands (I don't remember). I did take the no spill valves out if they had them because I heard it made them easier to drink from. She also likes straw cups like the Munchkin ones with silicone straw which I started giving her maybe around 7 mos? I just use ice water and give it to her in her high chair at meals, more to learn how to use it and make her feel included. She was so proud when she learned to hold it herself. Ditto on the no juice thing, but breastmilk would be ok, I just never wanted to risk the spillage or pumping just to put it in her cup.
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    We started between 6 and 7 months, and we only put water in there--I didn't want to risk spilling breastmilk! Now drinks cow's milk and water. We use the Take n Toss cups and the Nuby soft spouts.

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