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Thread: breastfeeding at 12 mo

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    If you're not ready, and your baby isn't ready, don't let other people's opinions about how long babies should nurse force you into early weaning. Here are some good articles on extended nursing to hand out to those who need educating:

    Extend Breastfeeding's Benefits
    When to Wean
    Fat and energy Content of Expressed Human Breast Milk in Prolonged Lactation

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    my dd turned on on July 12th. I have stopped pumping at work and still nurse in the evening. She usually nurses when we get home, before bed, and once during the night. Sometimes she will nurse more in the evening! Then on weekends we nurse more!
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    At 12 months I think we were still nursing about 3 times (morning, after work/naptime on weekends, and bedtime). He also was eating 3 meals plus snacks, and has never been much of a middle-of-the-night nurser.

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    You might also check out the book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. It might help you see the "other side" to weaning at a year. Before too long, people will just assumed she's weaned and stop asking, so just do what best for you and your daughter.
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    At 11 months, here's what we do. Breastfeed around 5:30am, breakfast at 7am, breastfeed at 10-10:30 after nap 1, lunch around noon, breastfeed before nap2 around 1:00pm, breastfeed after nap2 around 2:30-3pm, another nursing around 4:30pm usually, dinner at 5:30 and then nurse before bed at 7-7:30pm. So that makes 6 times for nursing and 3 meals a day. Like someone else said, I didn't realize it was that much. After reading some of the weaning posts, I hope we can continue as long as he wants to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jenniebean5 View Post
    When my daughter was 12 months, she nursed quite a bit - I'd say typically 8-12 times in 24 hours. But some days it was more and some less.

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