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    currently, my lo is 2mo and i have been doing ebm / nursing for last 2mo. i was off to a good start with breastfeeding but then at about 3 weeks old he got admitted. i have to admit that i didn't express very regularly at night and wpu;d get enogorged then. i was unexperienced and did'nt realise how much it would affect my milk supply. i was producing enough for him.

    My lo is a snack and snooze sort of baby which really tired me out so i went through a period of exlusive pumping as that way I could get some rest and some things done.

    Then 2 weeks later, he got admitted again. So I was struggling with trying to pump regularly and getting enough rest. I still produce enough for him. but only just enough. I don't even have any stock.

    currently, he stays at my parents place at night so my hubby and i get some rest. i nurse him in the day time and try to squeeze as many pumping sessions as I can during the day (which depending on the help I get and how cranky he is, can be 2 to after every feed). I tried pumping first then latching him on to completely drain the breast but it got a bit stressful coz I had to pump just in time for his feed and I worried he didn't have enough and he is very impatient if he doesnt get immediate let down. Then I tried latching on then pumping. It is fine but he tends to get more impatient towards the end of the day and I have to feed him the EBM from the bottle so that we don't have a constant battle at the breast in the evenings.

    Problem now is that I am going back to work and I work crazy hours and can't be pumping at the rate I am. I started on domperidone and am on fenugreek. I stopped the fenugreek for 1 day after I started domperidone and found that my milk supply kind of dropped. I have 1 more week to try and get some stores up and get my milk supply up. LO feeds about 3 hourly and takes 4 oz each time - which means I need 32oz a day.

    I use Avent Isis Uno and have a Medela Mini Electric (which I don't really like and rarely use) and am thinking of getting the AVent Isis IQ Duo.

    My questions are:
    1. Each time, I seem to need 1hour to get my breasts emptied. Is that normal? It means that I spend 8 hours a day pumping. It just seems like madness.
    2. How do I build a store when he seems to either take forever to nurse (and each session merges with the next and I can't put him down) or glug down everything I pump? I have tried simultaneous pumping but when he is in a grouchy mood and squirmy, it is almost impossible.
    3. Am I tryng too hard and it is affecting my milk supply?
    4. By taking the domperidone, does it increase my baseline milk supply or it only increases it transiently?
    5. Am I too late to try to increase my milk supply now?

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    oh ya, I forgot to mention, now that I am on domperidone, I can't seem to pump myself empty enough - so I know that there is more left inside that I can use for stores but I just can't get it out with the pump short of having the pump on me forever.. any suggestions?

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    Congratulations on the birth of your baby It sounds like a scary first couple of weeks with your baby being admitted to the hospital. What was the problem, and how is it going now?

    You asked about how many hours a day you are pumping. I agree that eight hours a day is probably more time than you need to spend. Renting a hospital grade pump ought to help you better increase your supply and allow you to spend less time pumping. I suggest that you talk with a local LLL Leader or lactation consultant about pump choices.

    To build a supply, have you considered adding a pumping session, or two, to your day? With a more effective pump, you can probably shorten your pumping sessions and that might make it more doable to add a session or two. I realize that you are interested in getting to sleep through the night--to increase your supply, I recommend that you consider pumping at least once during the night. Is your baby waking to eat while he is with your parents during the night?

    I don't believe that you're trying too hard and thus affecting your supply, but that is possible.

    I don't know enough about domperidone to know exactly how it affects your supply.

    You are definitely NOT too late to increase your supply. You can do it!

    I encourage you to think about what you want the plan to be once you are back at work. If you cannot pump there, you may find yourself very uncomfortable, at least until your body adjusts. If you are not pumping then, will your baby receive formula?

    Hang in there! You are working hard for your baby. Please keep coming to this forum for support and encouragement.
    LLL Leader

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