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Thread: Over feeding my 3week old?

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    Default Over feeding my 3week old?


    Again, with our 3 week old, we saw the Pedi's RN today because she had a few cases of vomiting over the weekend. It seems like a TON comes out (enough for me to have to change clothes completely, as well as her), usually after she eats and its happened like 5-6 times the past 4 days. It really scared me because of the volume.
    The RN said that since she's gaining weight, its not that frequent and its not projectile (like going across the room) its most likely because she's overeating at the breast. However, my LO LOVES to comfort nurse, uses me as a pacifier to fall asleep and when she's fussy, the only thing that really calms her is the breast. The RN told us to use a pacifier, but our pedi suggested she use her own fists (which she can now put in the vicinity of her mouth and suck a few times). I don't know what to do, sometimes she gets angry at my boob if milk is coming out and she wants to nurse and its so heartbreaking to hear her just sit at my boob and cry. Is there anything we can do, or is the pacifier the best route?
    From my previous thread, I have a slight problem with overactive letdown but my supply seems to be evening out (not as engorged!). I try to run off the letdown before I put her on to comfort nurse...

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    I haven't dealt with oversupply or OALD, but I would avoid using a pacifier until 6 or 8 weeks, because it could interfere with nursing, and it sounds like you're doing a great job. If you're feeding her when she's hungry, you're right on track.

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    Default Re: Over feeding my 3week old?

    This resource may give you some reassurance regarding comfort nursing. Myth 13 and 14 on this page might also help.

    This resource as does this one, talks a bit about pacifiers.

    Hope something there helps you - keep us posted.
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    Default Re: Over feeding my 3week old?

    My LC says that it's very unlikely that a baby will overeat at the breast. And, as the pp mentioned, I'd avoid the pacifier until your LO is older if you can get away with it to not have any interference with nursing. But, if you do need to use a pacifier, try to find one that most mimics the nipple when it's pulled out to the soft palate while nursing. Playtex makes a nice one (the soft green newborn nipple) that's more like a nursing nipple than the orthodontic ones that are bulbous shaped.

    If overeating is truly the issue, have tyou tried offereing your pinky finger? Does she nurse both breasts or just one? If she empties one side, then that could be the side you offer for comfort nursing.
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