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Thread: Wasting storage bags

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lsksam View Post
    I bought a bunch of the Medela storage bottles and only used bags for EBM going into the freezer.
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    Another very good system is the Mothers milkmate system
    http://www.amazon.com/Mothers-Milkma.../dp/B000EGZ40G, as it is a perfect way to rotate your bottles

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mumtothomas View Post
    Unless I was pumping to freeze milk, I pumped into bottles and we left it there. My freezer stash never amounted to much , so we pretty much used the same few bottles to pump into, and then used Playtex liners when he had a bottle (those worked best for us, though they don't get around the plastic issue).
    This is EXACTLY what we do... I only have 4 Medela bottles, and that is exactly how many I need. For my first pumping session, I pump into two Medela bottles and then usually combine the milk from that session into a single Medela bottle (and rinse out the other empty one), as long as the total is less than 6 ounces for that session, which it usually is. I do the same thing for my second and bedtime pumping session of the day (ending up with 3 Medela bottles of milk,) then I just pour the milk from the Medela bottles into the Platex bottles with the disposable liners, and I'm all set for DD's bottles for the next day.

    I had a small freezer stash when I returned to work, but that was quickly depleted when I couldn't pump enough to keep up with demand. It's been months since I've been able to pump enough to freeze some... But when I was freezing some milk, I was using the Lansinoh bags, as I feel these are the best bags, much better than the Medela bags.

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    Just so you know ... Lansinoh bottles fit the Medela pump! I was at Target looking for extra Medela bottles and cringing at the price, when DH said, "Why don't you use these purple ones? They're cheaper!"

    They cost $10 for four 5-6 oz bottles and I can pump directly into them!

    So make sure you do a price comparison!
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    If you are looking for Medela bottles, go here. You can purchase them in single quantities, so you can order the exact number that you need. The shipping is super fast and reasonable. Not only that, but they have just about any medela pump part that you coupld possibly need at a really good price.

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    I express into a clean mixing bowl with a lid, which I store in the fridge through the day until I transfer it to a bottle. I hand express so I don't know if that would work with a pump?

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