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Thread: How much is normal?

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    Hello I am wondering what is a mormal amount that most pump. I am havingsome dificulties. My daughter is 2 months old tomorow and has never been able to latch on she was born 3 weeks wearly i had gestational diabetis and preclampsia.after she was born thay had me use a nipple shield and start pumping becouse she was losing to much weight. ive never been able to get much milk out and then it droped to 1/8th a oz each breast so i started taking fenugreek. it came back up but i still can only make 1 4oz bottle a day for her. she eats 7 4-6 oz a day and im still working with her to latch on im hopeing one day she will. can anyone tell me what the normal amount a person should get with a pump a session? i pump every 2 hours for 10 min with a medela double pump. i was also wondering if i should go rent a hospital grade pump to build a supply since i never had a supply before i started using my personal pump. and if so i was wondering if anyone knew about the pump grants? ive herd about them but dont know how to get one or where to look for information.

    Thank you

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    this link might help it talks about how to pump when baby isn't nursing any at the breast


    call your local leader she can tell you localy where you can rent a pump.
    Find local support in the gray bar at the top, pick usa and then your state and area.

    some insuarnces will pay for pumps?
    or you can also try your local wic office.

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    What a rough start you had! You are working hard for your baby.

    There are two tasks before you--one is to increase your supply, and the other is to persuade your baby to take the breast.

    To increase your supply, a hospital grade pump is your best bet, along with considering galactogogue(s): http://www.lowmilksupply.org/increas...tagogues.shtml

    To persuade your baby to take the breast, I recommend some getting some hands-on help, from a local LLL Leader or a Lactation Consultant.

    Your goal is certainly achievable. It will take dedication and patience. Some mothers find it helpful to keep a log of their pumping sessions, output and latch-on success, so they can look at it to see their progress.

    Good luck to you! This forum is a great place for ideas and encouragement.
    LLL Leader

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