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Thread: I really need help.....

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    Default I really need help.....

    I don’t know where else to go for help. Got home from the hospital today, am in pain and frustrated, and have gotten a lot of contradictory advice.

    Baby is a bit over 2 days old. I have had some success at getting her on the breast while at the hospital. She latches and sucks well, at least according to the various nurses and lactation consultants who helped us. I’ve managed to “feed” her a few times a day, for as much as an hour at a time.

    The problem seems to be that while I have colostrum (nurses were able to squeeze my breast and show it to me), I don’t have very much of it, and certainly not enough to satisfy the baby. She’s ravenous, and so she mangles me in her desperation – she sucks really hard, engages and won’t let go, etc.
    Also, since this left her screaming even after an hour at my breasts, the nurses felt we had to supplement with some formula. So I’ve been trying her at the breast, and then cup-feeding her small amounts of formula.

    Since we’ve arrived at home, things have been downhill. I tried to feed her, and now both of my nipples are bleeding and horribly painful. Also, now I can’t get colostrum to show at all.

    I’m worried that I am drying up. My milk hasn’t come in, and I was told it should be in by tomorrow. I just can’t put her on the breast again if she isn’t going to get something. I am going to try to pump a bit tonight, but I’m concerned that I’ve missed the boat.

    Also, one thing that’s concerned me: throughout my pregnancy, and even now, my breasts never changed. I’m still wearing the same bra size I was before, and the only change seems to be the color of my nipples and the presence of some colostrum. Is it possible that my milk supply is just defective to start with? I have no family members to compare to.

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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    mama - sounds like atough time so far but there is hope

    I want to quickly respond to a few things, out of personal experience. My bra size NEVER changed through out my whole pregnancy/ies up until my milk came in. That was about 5-6 days postpartum - so if you milk doesn't arrive tomorrow, there's nothing to worry about.

    It sounds like you *might* have a poor latch. Can you call a LLL leader or IBCLC/LC tomorow and get help asap. The sooner the better!

    Babies are often very ravenous in the first week or so because it's how they let your body know they need milk. Remember their tummies are REALLY tiny... much smaller than we think in these early days...

    Sore Nipples
    Healing broken/cracked nipples

    Frequent nursing
    Fussy Babies
    ...In the early weeks

    What is Colostrum (and stomach capacity)

    Hope somthing there helps in the interim... let us know.
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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    You have definately come to the right place for support and help.

    I found these latch videos really helpful during the early days!!

    Nursing the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    Hang in there Mama!!! It is normal for your milk NOT to come in right away. I left the hospital with an infection and I was really sick, and I swore I missed the boat too. It was nearly a week before my milk came in. I did supplement too for a few days. Yes, I was in a lot of pain, sore Nipples, etc...I would suggest shorter, more frequent feedings right now. Take good care of your nipples right now. There are some great suggestions on Kellymom.com

    Make sure lo has a good latch...

    It is hard in the beginning, so know that you are not alone. The woman here are wonderful!!!!! I can't say enough. I made it four months so far and it has been the most rewarding, yet challenging(at times) thing I have ever done...Best of luck. You are doing a wonderful job, please take care

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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    There are some great links that the poster above gave for you.

    I wanted to repeat the suggestion to call a LLL Leader or IBCLC/LC tomorrow first thing. Just keep calling around till you get someone on the phone if you don't get in touch with someone right away.

    One thing is for sure though, it's never too late!! Babies this little will want to nurse nurse nurse, around the clock. That's important for them to do, because they are establishing your supply, helping your milk to come in and they have tiny little tummies that digest the colostrum very quickly and easily.

    It's totally normal not to have your milk in yet, it can take anywhere from 2 -7 days, and yes babies can do well on just colostrum! They will need to nurse A LOT though!!
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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    My milk did not come in until day 5 with dd1 and I think day 4 with dd2....they are born with enough to sustain them until your milk arrives and it is very rare (contrary to popular belief) that I woman is unable to breastfeed. It's completely normal for them to lose up to 10% of their birth weight.

    Feed the baby as often as possible, the more you stimulate, the more the signal gets sent to make milk and the signal that tells how much milk is also being sent.

    Check out all the references provided by above posters and have faith in your body. We were designed to do this! Stick it out. It might get harder at first, but it will get easier!
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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    Thank you all so much. I will try calling for help tomorrow. In the meantime, any advice on how to get through the night?

    - what should we feed her? right now, we intend to cup-feed. she's being really cranky overall. I can give her my breast for a bit to keep things going, but I'm sure that won't satisfy her....

    - do you think I should try to pump a bit just to keep things going?

    - should I try to put baby on the breasts even though they're cut and bleeding? What if she continues to mangle me?

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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    I would not experiment with a pump right now, unless she isn't nursing every 3 hours, then I would..but BE CAREFUL! Start out on a very low setting.

    Get some lanolin for your nipples and expose them to fresh air as often as possible.

    I know it is tempting to want to see something going in from a container, but the more she takes from cups/bottles/spoons...the less she will take from you and this is a crucial time in establishing your supply. Trust your body. If day 5 gets here and your milk isn't in (trust me, you will know when it's in)...then consider a supplement.
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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    hand in there mama!

    I would continue to nurse frequently - even with cracked nipples. After each feeding, try to squeeze even one drop out and rub over your nipple and let air dry - it speeds up the healing process.

    Keep in mind that if she gets full on formula, she will not stimulate your breast to produce milk. So right now, it's more important for her to nurse. Nursing almost constantly the first few days is quite normal - and not a sign that your lo isn't getting enough

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    Default Re: I really need help.....

    I managed to get her on the breast for about 5-10 minutes, can definitely keep trying. But in the meantime, what can I do to give baby what she needs? It's great that I'm getting the stimulation from her sucking, but she's still distraught and crying afterward if I don't give her something more substantial to eat...

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