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Thread: Happy 1st BF Birthday DD!

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    Default Happy 1st BF Birthday DD!

    My LO turns 1 today and we are still going strong with BF. I am so grateful to my hospital LC who got me through the first few weeks of questions, questions, questions, slow weight gain, and OS/OALD and to all those on this board who've taken the time to respond to my questions about working/pumping, traveling away from DD, solids, and sleep issues. I am so proud of our nursing relationship and look forward to seeing what lies ahead for us in the coming year as she continues to grow, and change, and become more independent.
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    Default Re: Happy 1st BF Birthday DD!

    Happy birthday to your DD! And you should be proud of all you've accomplished, heres hoping to many more great things for you both!

    I'm Heather, SAHM to Cooper , born 1/2007
    and Bennett, our precious NICU grad born 8/2009
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    Congratulations!! Happy birthday to both of you!

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    Default Re: Happy 1st BF Birthday DD!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mothersky View Post
    Congratulations!! Happy birthday to both of you!

    Moma to *Silas* 10-30-07

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    Default Re: Happy 1st BF Birthday DD!

    Congratulations! 1 year is an awesome achievement.

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    Default Re: Happy 1st BF Birthday DD!

    to your LO and congrats on this milestone. mama!!


    Loving mama to JP (DS, 1/03 ~ nursed 6 mos), EL (DD1, 9/05 ~ nursed 4 yrs), EJ (DD2, 3/08 ~ nursed 3 yrs 9 mos), and
    JM (DD3, 6/12 ~ currently nursing), all born naturally
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